When I get in front of 1200 people, my fingers become digital blurs

Speaking publicly about some of the challenges I’ve faced, the mistakes I’ve made, and the people who have helped me has been one of the most rewarding, humbling experiences of my life.

My main focus has been on speaking to groups of special educators, and parents of children with special needs. It has been my greatest joy.

When it really works, it is a way for people to share and learn from each other in a way that nothing else can replicate, in my opinion.

If you’re curious about what exactly I talk about, here’s the short version:

  • My parents and how they saved my life
  • Asking better questions
  • Learning what is worth measuring
  • How to improve any situation
  • The struggle not to blame ourselves for our children’s physical and mental challenges
  • Fathers, sons, and modern masculinity
  • Attention spans – Why we’re losing them, how to reverse it

If you’d like a video sample of a recent event, please let me know. And if you’d like to book me for an engagement, please speak up and I’ll get you in touch with my agent.

Below is a snapshot of where I’m headed next and places I’ve recently appeared

Upcoming Events

Tourette’s Camp – June 8-10, Gettysburg, PA

Regional Conference – September 14-15, San Antonio, TX

Colville, WA – May 2013

There are a lot of other things in the works, to be posted when the offers are finalized.

Recent Engagements

PACER Center Parents’ Group – April 19, Minneapolis, MN

Disabilities Resource Fair – May 3, Colville, WA

Tourette’s and Taboo Terms – March 1, 2012, University of Utah

Together We Can Learn – February 25, 2012, Topeka KS

Parents Engaged For Positive Change – December 2-3, 2011, Austin TX

Tourette’s And Taboo Terms – November 1, 2011, Lecture at the University of Utah

Mann Foundation Symposium: August 11, 2011

OSEP Mega Leadership Conference 2011: August 2, 2011

There are also a couple of TBA locations for later in the year that I’ll put up as I know more.

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Joe Walker October 31, 2013 at 12:27 am

Hi Josh,

We are looking for someone to keynote at our 2014 annual Utah Recreation Therapy Association Conference, and we are interested in you. We are a group of people who provide therapeutic interventions using recreation and leisure. I would love to see the video from a recent speaking engagement as mentioned above. I look forward to hearing from you or your agent.

Joe Walker


Sheryl Bohn January 15, 2015 at 3:58 am

Hi Josh, I belong to a ladies philanthropic group and every February we have a Valentine Tea. We
always have a speaker come and give a presentation. I am writing to ask if it would be possible for you to come and be a speaker for our group. It would be February 14, 2015 about 1:00 pm.
I have read your book which was selected by someone in our book club. It was very fascinating and we enjoyed it very much. If you are unable to come just let me know. My phone # is 801-355-0760 if you would like to get in touch. Thank you so much. Best Wishes, Sheryl Bohn


Barbara Corson February 15, 2016 at 7:33 pm


The Iowa Library Association is investigating keynote speakers for our annual conference October 13-14, 2016. You were recommended to us by a librarian who heard you speak at the Association of Rural and Small Libraries’ conference.

Are you interested/available in giving a 45 minute keynote on either one of those mornings, and also giving a follow up 50 minute concurrent session? If so, what would be your charge, and what topics do you speak about that you find to be interesting to librarians?

Barb Corson
Conference Speaker Co-Chair


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