by joshhanagarne on October 24, 2011

The Least You “Need” to Know About Josh

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Josh Hanagarne is a proud dad, author speaker, and librarian.

He currently lives in Salt Lake City, Utah. Yes, voluntarily.

He is obsessed with books and book culture. Speaking of, his own book, a memoir called The World’s Strongest Librarianwas published by Gotham books in 2013 and received rave review in O Magazine, The New Yorker, The Boston Globe, People, Parade, and many others.

He is nearly as obsessed with the fringe world of physical strength.

Most of the time he loves people. He is interested in helping as many of them as possible, as long as it doesn’t involve pretending he knows things he doesn’t.

All of the time he hates boredom.

He has an extreme case of Tourette’s Syndrome. He is owning it.

He loves his parents.

He likes to ask questions.

He loves big words but tries not to trot them out for casual conversation.

If you think he can actually help with something, he’d love to hear about it.